Monday, 2 March 2015

Currently #32 - Hoping

 Because well, what have we got at the start of March if we haven't got HOPE?  As i sit and write this, there is sleet and snow falling softly upon our office skylight and the heating is up high.  I am wearing my oldest and softest {soft in a 'please-don't-fall-apart-soon' kind of a way} and most-loved blue skinny jeans, a white vest, a white tee and a silk pale pink smock blouse.  Oh and my favourite rose pink oversized cardigan.  And my slippers.  The only vaguely 'Spring' thing about my get-up is the pink:  both on my cheeks and in my knitted apparel.  But that's okay because i've got HOPE.  I am HOPEful.  Just like the teeny, tiny purple and yellow crocuses lining our park, like the bright and brilliant daffodils i spotted on the embankment - dancing in a wind so strong that i had to get off and push those two wheels for a little bit.  It was so cold that i wish i had little jackets for all of the brave Spring plants poking their sweet noses out of the ground at the moment.  But they are the reason that this time of year feels so good:  Like the world has started afresh, a new chapter and new goals and aspirations for the months to come.  I love the feeling a new season brings, and doesn't Spring bring the very BEST?  

1.  Fresh BLOOMS.  If Winter is the time for spiced scented candles then Spring is most definitely the time for open windows, fresh flowers each week {an indulgence worth every penny in our book!}.  Fresh flowers are a way to splash colour on grey days; to fetch in sunlight {even if it is in the form of daffodils} into your home and to bring the scent of the outdoors into your sweet space.  I can't stop sticking my nose in our jug of daffodils.  I love that i can smell green as soon as i walk into our home.  

2.  ^This^ sweet VERSE by Erin Hanson.  Because this just sums up Spring in only a few lines, something that i am not too great at:  Minimal words!  The more the merrier on this sweet space.  I do love the simplicity of that sweet poem though.  It's not often you think of the seasons in that way:  That Spring needs Winter just as much as Summer needs Spring. 

3.  Bare-skin and flowers in your HAIR.  It's felt and still feels a little bit like i live with a scarf of some description slung around and about my neck.  On long windy and sleety bike rides, i feel so grateful for that woollen magic keeping me warmer.  I still cannot imagine life without mittens or bobble hats but i am hopeful that one day soon, that shall change.  I can't wait to dress my messy hair in floral crowns and wear my lightest cotton smock blouses with just a light knit.  
Tell me, what are you HOPEFUL for?

Friday, 27 February 2015

All Curled Up...

Throughout my time at university it was nothing for me to SPEND the entire day in my bedroom and dressed in my pyjamas.  I mean of course there were lectures and assignments and the odd night out {aherm} but in my first year especially, my room in our Halls of Residence was my HAVEN.  It was where i was most productive:  If i'm honest 99.9% of that productivity was between the hours of 1am and 4am.  If i didn't have to leave my room then i wouldn't.  I wasn't anti-social by any means.  My door was always propped open and the lovely girls i lived with back then were free to bob in and out as they pleased.  Much talking, working, life-contemplating and general pottering and putting of the world to rights went on in between those four walls and even-though it was a small space, every foot of it was MINE and it was full of my belongings too:  photos from back home; favourite scarves fastened to bed posts;  cushions scattered all over my teeny tiny 'they-called-it-a-single-but-it-wasn't' bed.  Even then i had a penchant for soft furnishings.  Little was i to know that this would escalate only a few years later…
*  *  *  
Fast forward to NOW and while my life has changed dramatically {i can't remember the last time i spent the whole day in my pyjamas or even made it past 11:30pm let alone until 4am} one thing that hasn't changed is my love for my bedroom.  Truth is, it's probably the ONE room  in our little attic that we spend the least amount of time in.  Where once spending the day padding around my teeny tiny uni room in pyjamas was considered normal; now any time spent in our bedroom bar sleeping or putting on pyjamas after a bath or shower is nil. And oddly enough spending time up in our sweet little attic bedroom;  with it's pretty slanted high ceilings; beautiful morning light and cushions and printed bed-linen galore, is the most luxurious of TREATS on a damp, hazily-lit Saturday morning…

I had the WHOLE of last weekend off you see.  And for me that in itself is a bit of a treat.  So as i woke on Saturday morning, to the sound of traffic and people - all hustle and BUSTLE and excitedly heading into the city centre for some weekend retail therapy, i decided right then there:  that very instant:  I was going to do NOTHING.  Whilst i was pretty sure that i might not get away with spending the whole and entire day doing nothing; i relished in the thought that it was at least allowed until midday.  
*  *  *  
Once the Mr had left for work my few hours of INDULGENCE could begin.  I scraped my hair up into a messy bun, pushed my little silk eye-mask back across my forehead to catch a fringe that was standing so far up on end that i didn't want to see it anyway.  I padded into our living-room-come kitchen and FLIPPED on the kettle.  While the steam swirled and curled up into the beams of our front room I retreated to the bathroom to splash my face with warm water.  I applied some serum and a thicker layer of my favourite face cream and returned to the kitchen for my tea. 
Once in the bedroom i LIT my favourite candle: a sweet  Lavender and Lime LILY FLAME concoction, and grabbed my current read.  I pulled back the blue and white cotton DUVET and climbed underneath our marshmallow-soft quilt; propping up the PILLOWS and cushions around me to make a sweet little headboard of pattern and print to comfort my little neck.  And i didn't MOVE for the best part of. Three. Whole. Hours.  
With the skylight blinds open just a TOUCH, the late morning light cast a soft yellow glow across our sweet room.  I could hear Saturday still, but it was far, faraway and i was in a magical world where nothing else mattered apart from my hot rose and lavender tea, and my book.  It was total and complete BLISS.  
*  *  *  
So when you're sat making PLANS for this weekend, maybe just maybe don't fill your Saturday with an endless list of jobs, chores and tasks.  Maybe, just maybe switch it all off, curl up and savour just a few hours to yourself in a room that quite frankly is particularly underrated. 
In our house at least!   
* Duvet cover ever-so-kindly supplied by the wonderful and lovely faces at JOULES.  All views, creative or otherwise are my own.  If you fancy recreating my cosy weekend curl up, you can pick up your own duvet HERE

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #55

By JINGO can you believe i'm here again already?!  Filling your Twitter timelines and blog readers with my #wonderfulwednesday nonsense?!  It's not nonsense really though.  Because i do so LIKE writing these posts, and it's a good job because life, and time in general are not on my side of late and this little space has been a bit quieter.  I'm glad that i started this little regular post, if only to make sure that i do check in regularly until life lets up a little more and i can devote a bit more creativity to my little corner.  I hope you'll hang TIGHTwith me on that one.  Enough of that though, how are you feeling mid-week?  I'm off today so that makes my Wednesday extra wonderful already!  But there has been much more LOVELINESS to discuss before we even get to that…

*  ^That^ COAT - well only just seen.  I've admired it for at least two months.  Why the bobbins do coats have to cost so much money?!  I dillied and dallied - which is just typical of me.  You see we had that one warm Sunday afternoon where i didn't wear gloves or a hat or a scarf and only my light little jacket and so buying a new Winter jacket in February seemed a bit MAD.  But then this week happened.  And if you live in the north of the UK or Scotland you will know that the weather has been horrific.  On the understanding that Spring had retreated for the time being, i promptly ordered THIS little gem:  A bright orange, 100% woollen duffle coat {toggles, hood and all - suddenly i was five again and it felt good} lined with the prettiest  blue tile print {it's not just me that takes this kind of thing as a total deal breaker is it?!  Nice insides of purses, bags, shoes….teabag boxes….no?  Just me then} and with the hugest most cosy hood.  I haven't had a coat with a hood since i was five!  Let's just say based on a 'price-per-wear' this coat is WINNING this week.  It doesn't hurt that i feel little like Paddington Bear in it either!

*  Free HONEY!  The Mr often gets gifts from customers.  He makes custom built bass guitars, teaches guitar and plays in a band.  Last year one of his students mums' gave us a hamper of homemade jam - it was the bees knees.  We ate an unsociable amount of toast for a few months and the food to jam ratio in our refrigerator was definitely in the jam's favour.  This week he SCAMPERED home with some fresh {is that the right word? I know you don't make honey…} honey from a customer who has his very own bees!  I can't wait to try it on a light Spring breakfast of toasted and seeded spelt toast with salty butter and a banana on the side.  You know when it warms up.  Until then i shall be gleefully riding the porridge BUS

*  DREAM breakfasts.  Talking of ^porridge^ just when i thought i couldn't excel myself anymore in the porridge stakes from THIS recipe, i only flipping have.  I've really been getting into my raw nut butters lately.  This time last year i'd only ever heard of peanut butter, almond butter and hazelnut butter and only ever spread them on apple or toast.  Lately i've discovered brazil nut butter and pecan butter.  Pecan butter is the butter of dreams.  If you love a slightly toffee flavour you'll LOVE pecan butter.  I picked a small jar up from our local health food shop so i'm sure it must be quite readily available.  My favourite way of pimping my porridge lately is to add a couple of teaspoons of nut butter.  Not only does it keep you going much longer but you can create some pretty amazing flavour combinations too.  This week i mashed a ripe banana into my porridge oats, added a small cup of almond milk, two teaspoons of raw cacao powder and two teaspoons of raw pecan butter.  I let it bubble and come together and once the oats are cooked and its all combined i tip into my favourite bowl.  Then i stir in two teaspoons of chai seeds et VOILA!  It's honestly the most delicious, fulfilling bowl of natural energy you have ever tasted.  And it's 100% packed with so many vitamins and minerals and jolly good STUFF that it's so good for you and a brilliant way to start the day.  

*  New exercise FINDS.  Thanks to the darling Rosie of Cider With Rosie i have discovered 'Ballet Beautiful' videos by Mary Helen Bowers.  These short 15minute exercise videos are just the ticket for early 'not-got-much-time-rs' like me.  I LOVE how you can pick an area to focus on and also that the exercises are a perfect pace, not too tricky and beautiful and graceful at the same time.  This week i've been particularly loving the Swan Arms video.  I manage to complete it in the time it takes to brew my morning cuppa and let my facial moisturiser sink in.  In a weird way it's quite relaxing to complete too.  I sort of go into a little morning trance of loveliness.  Albeit with the odd arm ache.    

*  PIZZA.  Ha, a total and complete contradiction to the past two points!  Except sometimes you jus really need a pizza.  We have a bit of a Tuesday tradition/bad habit.  We always do our main grocery shop on a Tuesday night.  By the time we get back, get the shopping put away and ourselves changed, it's usually close to 8pm.  Tuesday night is ALWAYS pizza night. Lately we've taken to getting our usual supermarket pizza and pimping it a little:  adding extra spicy sausage - salami or chorizo {sometimes both! Ssh!} some spicy peppers and extra oregano.  Just bliss.  This weeks' just really hit the spot.  I half regretted having to share it with the Mr 'cos i could quite happily have eaten the lot all by my sorry self!

*  Pre-roasting three SWEET potatoes on Sunday afternoon for this week's lunches {smug lunch face!}. It's been lovely having something warm to eat for lunch on these freeeezing days we have been having up north.  I've been taking a little pot of hummus, some grated carrot, a few spoonfuls of red quinoa and some torn coriander leaves each day and just piling it all on top. Sometimes i sneak in a few slices of salami. Sometimes i swap the hummus for tahini and toasted sesame seeds.  Or i just grab whatever is left in the fridge.   

*  Getting emails off the LOVELY lot at LOAF HQ:  {if you haven't heard of them before, read about them HERE whilst you have a goosey gander over the little mood-boards i was lucky enough to create for them!} such a sweet bunch.  My dream job would be to be their Chief Moodboard-er Extraordinaire.  What do you think?!  They launch their new SS15 collection this Thursday 26th February online HERE.  I've been lucky to have a sneak peek and i may or may not have yelped at it all.  There is nothing i don't want and nothing that couldn't work in any kind of interior.  Such classically thoughtfully made pieces that are made to last and are inspirational in equal measure.   I've never been excited about furniture before, i've always been a soft furnishing kind of gal.  Until LOAF.  That's a true story…

*  The UPSIDE to terrible gale-force winds and torrential side-ways kinds of winds {apart from the hood of my new coat!} :  curling up in bed with only the fairylights on around our wrought iron bedstead and a hot water bottle between my knees and my favourite pyjamas.  Every grey cloud…

*  Looking BACK through the video footage i took of my 30th birthday spent in Edinburgh.  Apart from making me miss Edinburgh so much, it made me realise that i need to get my behind in gear and put my little vlog together!  

*  M&S Stem Ginger hot cross BUNS.  The King, Queen, Prince, Princess, Dutch-okay you get the picture.  They are FINE hot cross buns. And today, on my day off i shall be tucking into them slathered in almond butter and washed down with a mug as big as my face of Lady Grey.  I have to restrict them to days off or i'd look like one…They're THAT good!

*  Having a SISTER.  Don't get me wrong i love all of my family  but i can't imagine not having that little sister of mine in my life.  These past few weeks she has embarked on a brand new chapter in her career and which i am so so proud of her for.  There is a cardigan of mine which is years and years old:  a short aztec-y striped red, blue, yellow and green tapestry cardi-come-jacket adorned with little black pom-poms.  Each time i wear it she has forever admired it.  So this week along with some other little 'going away' trinkets, i wrapped it up for her, in sweet map print wrapping paper, and gave it to her as a little good luck PRESENT.  Then even-though she might not be round the corner from me or in the same city, whenever she is feeling a little homesick, she can wear it and think of me.  It's weird to think that we spent a large proportion of being little, arguing, not speaking or generally disagreeing with one another. Now i wouldn't change her for the WORLD!  She's the most special little sister i could ask for.  
*  *  *  
So enough of my sentimentality and soppiness, what's been making YOU smile so far this week?  Or what are you looking forward to that's getting you through a pretty naff week?  We all get them!  This little post is designed to make you pluck out those little tiny good gems and realise that life aint so bad after-all.  I'd love you to SHARE them here.  Remember you can leave me a sweet comment below or tweet me your #wonderfulwednesday on Twitter.  I'm @sallytangle.  

Have a BEAUTIFUL week!

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #54

Hi-de-hi to your DEAR faces and also to the mid-week!  Ahoy to WEDNESDAY i say!  I'm joining the weekend express this week you see:  Come Friday morning i too shall be counting down the minutes until a Saturday and Sunday off work - HUZZAH!  It actually feels rather strange. I didn't even book it off for anything special, days off and what not have just turned out that way.  Oddly it's MAKING my week feel like it's lasting forever.  I'm used to three or four days working at a time and then a day off so this is messing with my head a little bit!  I'm sure i'll cope.  Especially since i shall be basking in two whole day off together!  The stuff of DREAMS!  Shall we get down to the nitty gritty?  That being of course what has been keeping me afloat so far this week:  

*  Flowers flowers FLOWERS!  I wish i could surround myself with them always!  Let's face it, Spring is definitely the very best season where flowers are concerned.  Are you with me?!  I always have fresh flowers of some description, in the house.  Save for late Autumn and Winter {there's enough fairylights, tinsel and decoration dotted around and about our attic to keep the colour going!}. I tend to replace flowers with scented candles when it gets really cold and miserable outside.  But come Spring i am ready and raring to go again.  The longer colder months always have me craving green and colour.  Spring is the time for Anemones, Daffodils, Hyacinths and Tulips - some of my very favourite blooms for indoors.  And then we can't forget grassy patches dotted with snowflakes and CROCUSES.  And of course late Spring time brings sweet pom-pom Peonies {my very favourites!} and BLOSSOM!  BLOSSOM!!!!!! And who doesn't like blossom?!

*  Coldplay's 'Ghost Parties' ALBUM.  For so many reasons i can't tell you them all {we'd be here even longer than usual!}.  But even just a few minutes into the first track and it takes me right back to my birthday week spent in Edinburgh and i just fall in love and get lost in a little musical bubble for a while….It's the first album in a long time that i have just felt connected to.  It's beautiful from start to finish.

*  Pancakes.  Because, well as if we were going to write a 'what's been fab about the week post' WITHOUT mentioning one of the very best days of the year?!?  I mean they are practically breakfast for pudding and you know me and my breakfasts….We served our crepes spread {thickly} with Nutella and banana or sprinkled with vanilla sugar and drizzled in blood orange juice.  They were so good i may even re-create them for our weekend breakfast. How did you have yours?!

*  Coconut incense OIL, Sainsbury's to be exact. Don't they just nail it on the home-ware front every single season or is it just me?!  I popped in for almond milk and came out with a new take on our usual linen incense oil.  Coconut is beeeeautiful!  Sweet and lingering and with lovely vanilla-ery undertones.  The clothes drying in our spare-room smell DIVINE as does our sweet little attic.  

*  Having our local Lush make me up my order while i was waiting as there wasn't any left on the shelf.  It was my usual Angels on Bare Skin FIX - it's the dream on my skin when used with Ultrabland and i simply cannot ever imagine using anything else, ever, EVER.  I love how they'd bend over backwards for you in that little shop - or any of the stores in the whole company to be honest.  It's so refreshing to have that.  Without going all 'retail' on you, so many stores just ignore good service now and so it's no wonder that people shop online so much.  A store has really got to work hard to get a point of difference and offer something else at store level and i just think Lush have this down to a tea.  I went a bit too 'retail' there…sorry.  

*  S-T-R-E-T-C-H-E-S.  You know, that first stretch of the morning, after your alarm has snoozed and you know you've only precious minutes left under that soft feather duvet?  THAT stretch.  Just the best.  Feeling. Ever.

*  My new and shiny Accessorize glitzy ear-CUFF.  Totally not my usual kind of jewellery choice but i've fallen hard.  We have to wear current season clothes and accessories at work and i have just been feeling in a little bit of a jewellery rut lately.  So i thought i'd give this little glitter-bomb a whizz and i just LOVE it.  If you follow me on Instagram you might have already sneaked a peep…Isn't it just lovely?! 

*  Reading 'Deliciously Ella's' BOOK from cover to cover and feeling like as soon as i had finished i could do it all over again!  She's one inspirational lady and if you haven't already grabbed her book i suggest you hop on it PRONTO.  It's so refreshing to read a cook book that's so full of passion, love and natural and simple things to cook. Whilst i don't think i could eat like that all of the time, we've definitely been incorporating some of her recipes into our weekly dinners.  Plus it's nice to find someone else who sings the praises of nuts, seeds, grains and avocados like me!

*  Wearing my DUNGAREES with everything to everything and feeling like if i could sleep in them then i totally would!!  I can't believe i've never owned a pair before!!  I'm looking forward to dressing them up a little and wearing them out to watch some local bands on Saturday night!   

*  Pecan NUT butter. Who knew?! I mean i've only ever really dabbled in almond butter for baking and porridge; and then hazelnut and peanut butter for atop toasted treats.  Pecan butter is another level of YUM.  I have been adding it to my porridge as it bubbles, along side a mashed banana and let me tell you, oh my GOODNESS:  the breakfast of dreams!!!

*  Purple and yellow CROCUS spotting en route to work in the morning.  I mean, do crocuses come in any other colours?!  I just love the bright and bold yolky yellow next to the jewelled, regal and 'dairymilk' purple on our sweet grass verges.  It just makes me think of Easter…and sort of Cadbury's Flake wrappers too…
*  *  *  
How has your week BEEN so far lovely lot?!  What did you have on your pancakes, do tell?!  That kind of thing's important around these parts let me tell you.  Have you read or heard about Deliciously Ella?  Do you also think of Cadbury's Flake wrappers whenever you see purple and yellow crocuses or is that really just me?!?  Please say it's not!  Remember you can SHARE what's making your #wonderfulwednesday on twitter as well as down below.  I'm @sallytangle.

Enjoy the rest of your week super DUPER lot!  May it be filled with flowers, sunshine and…pancakes…?

Monday, 16 February 2015

Just Spring-ing

It feels like a long, LONG time since i have really spent my Sunday.  Sunday for me has always been the most restful day of the week.  Not restful because we don't do anything per-say, just restful in the way that we do everything a little slower and will a little more care and thought.  We sleep until we wake - if i have had a particularly exhausting week at work then this is my catch up-sleep.  There is something so lovely about falling asleep on a Saturday night knowing that you can just sleep until your body is ready to wake up. Isn't that just the most luxurious FEELING?
*  *  *
I feel like i have been COLD for an eternity.  Even when the bright sun has lit up those blue skies so bright that i have to shield my eyes.    Today has been the very first day that i really felt the heat from that sunshine.  It warmed my little SOUL through and gave me hope.  Our sweet little attic is rife with receptacles of daffodils, tulips and anemones but the outside has never quite felt like Spring had arrived.  Yesterday's  beautiful afternoon proved that Winter is well and truly OVER for another year…
After filling my tummy with toasted stem ginger hot cross buns {M&S incase you're curious - i'm addicted!} i took my two-wheels to see if it really was as WARM outside as i thought.  I wasn't disappointed!  The warm wind tickled my nose and the sunshine danced upon my cheeks as i rode underneath blue skies and branches.  Snowdrops have started to SNEAK up in between all of the broken twigs, damp ground and tree-shaped paraphernalia that Winter has left behind.  It's the most beautiful contrast in colours and makes any sneaky green shoots look even GREENER!  
{First crocus!}
It's the FIRST time i haven't worn my Winter coat, woollen scarf and mittens in…well months.  Instead i dug out a sweet little floral quilted vintage Monsoon jacket and a glittery navy blue beret {what is it about SPRING that makes you drawn to everything navy?} and embraced cycling - glove-less.  It felt like heaven and i found myself thinking of bare legs, freckles and gelato as i cycled round and round our dear sweet park.
I can't WAIT until this sweet little embankment is just FILLED with crocuses - just wait until i show you how pretty it is - it's a sight to behold.  I lost count of how many times i whizzed around and about our park simply because it was such a pleasure to be outside.  I wasn't scurrying for cover, hiding my hands inside mittens from a bitterly cold wind or keeping my head down to avoid the drizzle.  I was soaking up every last INCH of Spring wonderful-ness.
*  *  *
How did you spend your Sunday?  Or were you LUCKY enough to enjoy a Saturday and Sunday of sunshine?  Did it feel like SPRING yesterday for you too?  What do you must enjoy about this time of year? I'd love to know i'm not the only Spring enthusiast!!!

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wonderful Wednesday #53

See that ^THERE^ - isn't that just the prettiest picture you ever did see?  I know, i know it's a sky and if you follow me on INSTAGRAM you'll know i'm a bit of a sky fiend and cloud gazer extraordinaire.  But this has been one of the best things about lately for sure.  Getting up to DAYLIGHT; stretching out on my yoga mat in natural light, while the kettle bubbles away ready for my first {of many} cup of Lady Grey.  One of the best things i have started this year is to begin each day with a bit of gentle stretching, general toe-touching and the like.  My little routine only takes ten minutes and it really wakes me up and sets me up for the day.  Plus stretching in front of ^that^ view aint half bad.  I do worry what my neighbours across the way might think though…..

This week has been a pretty lovely one so far.  Shall we get ON?

*  My trusty fur TIPPET {sort of a fur collar-come-scarf hybrid} worn with everything for most of this week so far.  It's allowing me to dip my toes into my Spring clothes {silk tunics worn with soft indigo skinnies and scarves tied in my hair} in the house.  I always get hot with an actual scarf and so this little tippet is great as it doesn't sit quite so high up or around my neck.  It's also been worn slung over the top of my dresses at work {with my trusty floppy black fedora finishing the look} and it's not been unknown for me to sling it on top of my PJ's and wrap a linen cardi around my shoulders whilst stirring my porridge.  This little gems got mileage i can tell you and i am ALL about my mileage!

*  Home-made under-the-weather-FIXER!  Since my surge of super duper hero productivity last week {which may i add is actually continuing - i'm just running with it} i feel an underlying something looming!  So many of the girls at work have had coughs, colds and the like over the last few weeks and i seem to have fallen lucky so far this Winter not to have caught a cold.  Whilst i feel okay i feel ever so slightly under the weather - you know the sore throat, niggling fuzzy head and 'can't get warm' kind of a feeling?  On Tuesday afternoon at home i raided the kitchen and created a tea i shall call 'Super Duper Feel Better Now' tea.  I SIMPLY juiced one lemon into my favourite mug.  I added a thumb-sized piece of ginger roughly sliced and with the skin on and a teaspoon of raw honey.  Then i simply topped it all up with boiling hot water and left it to cool to drinking temperature.  I has made me feel SO much better AND do you know the best thing?  Once you've guzzled your mug full, you can simply top it up again and enjoy another.  You are welcome.

*  Having a complete stranger TALK to me about my column in our local magazine, Carlisle Living in Marks and Spencer on Monday lunch time.  I felt a little bit bad as a big queue was forming behind us but it's so nice when someone comments on my writing - it really does fill me with so so much pride i just cannot tell you.  She then made me love her even more by telling me that both her daughters read my blog!  IMAGINE!  I floated back to work on Monday i really did!

*  Raw almond butter stirred into porridge alongside mashed banana and chia seeds:  The breakfast BOMB.  I wish I could open my own little porridge wagon and share my breakfasts with the whole world.  Imagine?!  I could go on tour and everything….

*  Sweet potatoes.  I mean, i've always LOVED them but right now, the Mr and I have sort of rekindled our love big style for those little devils and it's showing no sign of slowing down.  Roasted with cinnamon, baked slowly and served stuffed with quinoa and carrot and walnut salad or just mashed up and alongside roast chicken - what's NOT to love?!

*  Enjoying a 90's Brit Pop REVIVAL.  Ever since the wonderful evening spent with friends at a 90's Britpop-themed open-mic night at a local bar last week i have been in full 90's mode where my Ipod has been concerned and i LOVE it!  I mean i loved 90's indie music when it was around at the time and i hadn't so much as forgotten it but just neglected it really.  I've been marching myself to work to Oasis 'Morning Glory' and 'Songbird' {always my favourites!} with special appearances from The Verve, Blur and Catatonia for extra fabulous 90's measure! 

*   Getting my hands on THOSE dungarees.  If you read my last post you'll know exactly what i'm talking about!  If not you can sneak a peek HERE.  They're honestly something i've been searching my entire life for.  

*  Seeing teeny, tiny slivers of DAYLIGHT left in the sky when i finish work at 6pm.  I cannot wait until there's daylight left for after-work bicycle rides.  It's only a matter of time…

*  Spotting the teeniest tiniest PEEKINGS of crocuses in my very favourite crocus spot in our park.  Because whilst i love daffodils and hyacinths to the moon and back and would happily fill every receptacle in our little attic with them, nothing says Spring to me like a sweet see of crocuses.

*  Celery AND celeriac - oddly enough.  I just can't get enough of them both this week.  So similar in taste:  sweet and fresh yet a little nutty too.  Celery has been chopped up and snuck into my lunchbox alongside a tiny kilner jar of hummus or crunchy raw peanut butter, mmmm!  We made celeriac mash to go alongside our roast chicken at the start of the week and since the celeriac we picked was MASSIVE, i rough chopped up the other half, tossed it olive oil and added a spoonful of roasted curry powde.  Then roasted it for 40 minutes.  Oh my DAYS!  I took it to work to go with my lunch the next day and mixed it though my spicy spelt and watercress salad.  Safe to say, this week i shall also be picking up another celeriac when we do our food shop.  I'm going to try a celeriac gratin….I'm far too excited for words! 
*  *  *  
So how are YOU?  What's your week been looking like so far?  What's been making it worthwhile?  Have you ever tried celeriac?! I have to admit it doesn't look the most appealing vegetable when you're whizzing about the supermarket or farmers market!  Where do you stand on the old and great 90's music debate?!  And would you wear a pair of dungarees?!

Remember you can SHARE your #wonderfulwednesday loveliness below or tweet me on twitter too. I'm @sallytangle.

Have the most wonderful of Wednesdays dear faces!  


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